Living Room Full of Character

add character homeotohem 1 2016-09 .jpg

This living room has tons of character thanks to all of the art and accessories. They really bring the room to life! The mix of old and new furniture elevates what could be just a plain white box. I'd do anything to live in this place! I previously wrote about a few things every stylish person has in their house and I think that this room literally has every element that I mentioned. 

add character homeotohem 2 2016-09 .jpg
add character homeotohem 3 2016-09 .jpg
add character homeotohem 5 2016-09 .jpg
add character homeotohem 4 2016-09 .jpg

The personal touches really come through here in the decor. It makes me wonder about the personality of the owner. Must be a really vivacious person!



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Images by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors via Coco Lapine Designs