Favorite pins of the week / 14


1/ This stool exemplifies my aesthetic to a T.

2/ This outfit, from head to toe, is perfect! It's exactly what I want my uniform to be.   

3/ I love the idea of decorating with plants. What a cool way to display dried flora.

4/ I absolutely love snap peas, especially ones roasted with mint, sea salt, and lemon.

5/ This is a page from a notebook of late artist, graffitist, poet, and actor Jean-Michel Basquiat. He happens to be one of my favorite artists of all time, I just wonder what this list was about...!

Lately, I've been noticing that I'm attracted to muted tones of greens, blues, and nudes/browns. I absolutely love added pops of color in a neutral setting. That's pretty much what my house is looking like these days. I'm also honing what my overall fashion and interior style is. I know for fashion, I like simple, more classic styles with a "normcore" or "ugly fashion" appeal. For interior design, I still like minimalist Scandinavian style but with a French contemporary twist. I also like my objects and furnishings to include a combination of natural, raw, and organic materials but still with a certain sleekness. I'm a walking contradiction and I like it!

How would you define your personal fashion and/or interior design style?



credit: all images found via Pinterest 1/stool pic, 2/ outfit inspiration, 3/ plant decoration, 4/ snap peas, 5/ Jean-Michel Basquiat notebook