Multifunctional Home Office Space

hometohem office 2016-09

I wanted to continue sharing images of my home, so I thought I'd show you my office space. A while back I posted a few images of my unfinished dining space and surprise, surprise it's still not finished! I've completely overhauled my home and it's coming along slowly but surely... I don't want to get in the habit of only showing off things that are perfect as I feel as if that's unrealistic. I definitely want to show a progression of my space. So, even though my desk isn't styled (a video on that to come later) and my shelves are a bit junky, I wanted to show off my space anyway.


I made the desk in the office space and I've toyed with the idea of painting it a muted green or grey. I'll also be upgrading the desk chair to something slimmer, yet more comfortable. I plan to add another plant to the "plant table," I'm thinking a peace lily—they're so damn pretty. 

Now that my son is getting bigger and our hobbies have grown, I find that there is just not enough space. I've upgraded all of my shelving, from the kitchen to the bathroom and yet I still don't have enough space! We've really stalled on our KonMari overhaul but I think it's time to kick that back into gear. For the new year, I definitely want to make a goal of living with less.

We'll get a fresh start when we move (hopefully in the coming year!), until then I'll keep evolving this tiny space of mine.




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