2017 Anti-Resolutions Resolutions

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Hey Guys!

I thought that I'd get back into the swing of things by talking about what this year will mean for me. Just so you know, I'm pretty much against making New Year's Resolutions as I feel that they're destined to fail. What I like to do instead is to think about what it is I want for my life. I make sure to set aside time to reflect on the past and to prepare for the future. So, New Year's happens to be a great time to do just that. It takes at least a week or two for the new year to feel real, so now that I'm no longer mistakenly writing/typing 2016 (instead of 2017) I thought I'd go ahead and ponder on 2017 goals etc.

This year I wanted to attribute one word to exemplify what my focus will be for 2017. The word that popped up immediately was 'ACHIEVE'. There's so much that I want to do, yet I put so many obstacles in my way. When I think about why that is, it can be whittled down to fear. With figuring out the why, I've actively worked towards overcoming that obstacle. For example, last year I got over a major fear and finally started my YouTube channel and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback. I also started doing more around the blog and got great feedback and opportunities. Like writing posts for Bloglovin'-The Edit. So, I could only imagine what types of results will come from actively achieving my goals this year... Growth, success, community, and more great opportunities, maybe? I'm so pumped for this year and I'm glad you'll be here for the journey.

You can look forward to more CONSISTENT content here and on my YouTube channel. I also have some super exciting prospects for this year. I CAN'T wait to share some info with you! 



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