3 Outfits I'm Wearing This Week

hometohem spring lookbook 0617 01

Since I work from home, I find that I live in my loungewear. I hardly ever get dressed up, even when picking the boy up from preschool. I miss the days when I could get snazzy, wearing cute outfits and fresh makeup looks... And honestly, my spring/summer wardrobe is in need of a refresher. I am in dire need of tops for warmer weather, and luckily www.Tobi.com came through with some great options! 

So now that I have some cute tops, I thought I'd get out of my slump and force myself to get dressed. Going forward, I will pick out a minimum of three outfits in advance to wear throughout the week. This will force me to get out of the house, get cute, and go to some new places! I'm pretty pumped about this. Here are this week's outfits:

hometohem spring lb 0617 02.png

Outfit 1

Can I tell you how much I love this striped top!? I feel like a cute, French girl out to brunch with her friends!
hometohem spring lookbook 0617 02

hometohem spring lookbook 0617 06

Outfit 2

hometohem spring lb 0617 04.png
These jeans give me the best butt ever! Plus this open-back top is nice for layering when it's a bit nippy outside. I plan to use it as my third layering piece in the summer months!
hometohem spring lookbook 0617 05

hometohem spring lookbook 0617 07

Outfit 3

hometohem spring lookbook 0617 08
I try to make sure that majority of the pieces in my wardrobe are versatile. This buttondown, in particular, I wear three different ways. And this linen dress is great for layering! I'm finally feeling proud of the clothes that I own!

What do you think of my idea of planning outfits for the week to force myself out of the house?

xx, Cleshawn

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