August Moodboard

hometohem august moodboard 2017


This is the word I'm associating with August. This month I want to be willing to take bold risks. I've realized that my destiny is in my hands and I can't make the moves I want unless I'm willing to put myself on the line. These pins represent the audaciousness I plan to implement in various parts of my life.

One way I plan to be audacious is through art, did you know that paint? I tend to be bold in my mixing of materials and I want to continue that with my next art pieces. I'm also inspired by the pop of color in the Matisse painting (5)--I've noticed that I have an affinity for color lately and I'm sure that will turn up in my art, the way it has in my clothing... Speaking of clothing, this outfit (2) is speaking to my want for boldness on several levels: silhouette, fabrication as well as natural sex appeal and aesthetic. Have you noticed that natural is the new sexy? 

There's been this whole movement towards minimalism in the last few years and it speaks to me on many levels. I've tried to incorporate aspects of it through my wardrobe, beauty, food, and tech; now it's time to get down with minimalism in my home decor. I want to get rid of everything and start from scratch. I want bold furniture design like this Minka chair (4) to become the conversation and statement piece in the room. Though there's no color, the shape does all the talking. To counteract the minimalist floorplan I'm wanting, I'd add a gallery wall--because a girl has to have one! I love displaying art and could never take a minimalist approach when it comes to showing it off. The gallery above (7) does a great job of balancing out the sparse floorplan. It literally juxtaposes minimalism with maximalism and I like it!

You remember how I said natural is the new sexy? Well, that extends to modesty, too. A good one piece swimsuit like the Positano from Toteme (6) is classic yet super sexy. Though, I'm usually for letting it all hang out, there's something alluring to classic, throwback design that reminds you of vintage actresses who exuded maximum sex appeal. On a personal note, I plan to take my affinity for natural beauty to new audacious levels. How? By taking it up a notch with nude nail polish and bolder brows. I plan on buying the Boy Brow from Glossier. (sidenote: did you see my Wowder and other beauty products review?) ...I recently bought the J. Hannah nail polish in Hepworth (3) and I feel all kinds of cool. Though it might not be bold enough for some, it fits perfectly with my newfound sense of minimalist, natural yet bold beauty.

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