favorite pins of the week

1/ This chair is screaming my name! We sold every chair in our house to make room for new ones as we have been changing EVERYTHING around. p.s. there will be a tour coming soon, for now you can check out my instagram for sneak peeks!

2/ I love this neutral room with these awesome pops of color. Usually I wouldn't be so bold with a green couch and blue floor, however the muted tones are just perfect.

3/ I was just having a discussion with my husband about overdressing. I personally feel that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. Also, if I so happen to be going out with a friend and she decides to be in jeans and I in a dress, well then I'm not going to change just to make her feel better... That is her bad!

4/ So these stylish girls are super fierce! I screamed (silently, in my head, of course...) YASSSSSS! when I saw this streetstyle snap. Note: YASSSSSS is perfect for moments like this!

5/ Awesome loafers, what else can I say??

credits: all images found via pinterest. Click the numbers to re redirected.