i diy: cut-off shorts

So it's hot, hot in L.A. and I mean scorchin'! I honestly can't stand this weather because I'm meant for wool coats, trousers + sneakers. I can't possibly think of these things with the weather being in the 90-100 F range. It's more like bikinis and birkens, the latter is acceptable, the former, no so much.

I've had to reevaluate my closet and see what I could do with the crap that I have. I'm on a serious budget and unless it's coming from thrift shops, I won't be adding to my wardrobe. Insert challenge here, take your current crap, and make it into wearable, trendy crap. I think I nailed it!

I've had these shorts for at least 4 years and they needed a serious revamp. Obviously, ripped denim cut-offs are all the rage but I wanted something slightly different so I decided to cut them in a half-moon pattern with the sides creeping up a bit. I really like them!

Let's get started shall we.

You'll need:

- denim shorts

- fabric shears

- x-acto knife

- marker/ink pen

Start off by marking where you'll want the highest part of your cut to be. Fold the shorts in half, then cut going downwards curving around a bit--like a half-moon.

Lay the shorts flat and drag the x-acto knife in a linear fashion across the front of the pockets. You can do this where ever you want a bit of fraying.

I prefer them in this stage when they aren't frayed too much but I think they'll definitely improve once I wash them and they look a bit worn. Just like wine and women I guess, they get better with age.

I am loving these cut-offs and knowing me, I'll probably live in them for the rest of the summer. I also like that they are a high waist and darker wash. I'll be able to dress these suckers up!