How To Create A Minimalist Summer Capsule Collection | 10x10 challenge

minimalist summer capsule hometohem 2

Hey y'all, it's been so hot in Los Angeles that I've been wearing next to nothin' while lounging in my apartment. Since I rarely ever leave the place, I hardly ever get dressed. So, creating this 10x10 remix collection was the lowest on the priority list. But I'm glad I finally got around to it.

For those of you who don't what the 10x10 remix collection is, it's when you take ten pieces of clothing and shoes to mix ten outfits for ten days. It's basically a mini capsule collection and it's great for forcing yourself to revisit/appreciate the clothing that you do have! I have to give major props to Caroline over at for introducing me to the idea!

minimalist summer capsule wardrobe

My 10 Pieces

3 Tops

2 Dresses

2 (pairs of) Jeans

1 Skirt

2 (pairs of) Shoes

This summer collection was a bit harder for me to create. Last autumn when I put away my spring/summer clothes, I got rid of a lot of stuff and have yet to replace it. So I have a lot of holes in my summer wardrobe. But of course, that's an excuse! I knew that if I put in a little bit of effort that I would be able to find ten separate pieces to create the ultimate 10x10 remix collection for summer. I surprised myself because I really like what I came up with! Stay tuned for the lookbook, that'll be coming soon!

 p.s. if you haven't seen my previous collection for spring, check out the Youtube video



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