a small facelift

Man oh man, I've been busy, busy, busy! And as you can see, I gave the blog a little facelift. I know I've been a little neglectful, but it was because I was working behind the scenes trying to make hometohem a better place to (virtually) be. I am going ahead with starting my new artisanal webshop and I plan to have a soft launch sometime next month... I am really excited about this new venture. I'll give you a bit more info nearer to the date... make sure to subscribe if you want to be the first to know!

Anywho, I just wanted to check in as the blog was looking a little sad! p.s. this photo pretty much represents what my place currently looks like as I've been crafting like mad. So much love.

credit: photo

king's street

This one bedroom apartment seriously has me hyperventilating. It's friggin lovely and I wish it were mine. Doesn't that coat rack scream DIY? It's going on my super long list of things that I want to recreate. What say you? It's fresh, right?

via Stadshem

picture this / 01

Every now and again I run across a picture that really strikes my fancy. So, I've decided to post one picture (hopefully weekly) that I think should be shared. Everything about this styling screams my name. Though I've noticed lately that I've been attracted to muted pops of colors and it's reflecting in my home. I am slowly evolving out of the strictly black and white.

credit: photo 

30 day minimalism challenge

this year

I know I'm a little late with this post but I needed time to figure out my darn life! I'm not into making new year's resolutions but I know that I still wanted to make some personal goals. But I'm not calling them resolutions, dammit, because that's setting myself up for failure. We don't want any of that, thank you!