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I know I'm a little late with this post but I needed time to figure out my darn life! I'm not into making new year's resolutions but I know that I still wanted to make some personal goals. But I'm not calling them resolutions, dammit, because that's setting myself up for failure. We don't want any of that, thank you!


favorite pins of the week

1/ stark white, low profile, super sleek + sexy, these are the ingredients for a nice pad.
2/ I can't get enough of the sliding doors, what an entrance!
3/ and sometimes it could be very rewarding...
4/ This picture gives me all the feels.
5/ I just want to sit in this chair. It's calling my name. Though, I'm not sure how practical it'll be. I can see the boy now stuffing all of his toys in there.

credit: images found via my pinterest boards 1/2/3/4/5



I've been trying to get better at planning out my day to make life just a little bit easier. We've been big on budgets for a while and for a period of time, we planned out our weekly meals. Now that life is running along smoothly, we thought we'd get a bit more strict with all of our regiments. No more free for all and definitely no more take-out.

So to make the transition a bit easier and rewarding for myself, I decided to plan my weekly outfits. This has done wonders for me as it's directly affected other chaotic parts of my life, i.e. my wardrobe. It's forced me to think about all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I have and whether I need all of them. I've whittled down my wardrobe into a collection that I intend to keep small. I want to be able to mix and match everything without having to think twice about it. I also want to be able to incorporate new pieces into the old, replace and revamp without doing another re-haul of the collection. I just want ease, comfort, and no more damn chaos!



So, I have a love hate relationship with Madewell... Though it's not 100% my style, there's always something I end up falling in love with but can't afford. But it's okay because that makes me choose my purchases well.

I've been wanting some vans for a while. I haven't had a pair since seventh grade and seeing all the fashion girls wearing them is making me super nostalgic. Though, I'm not one to follow trends, (luckily enough for me my style is trending...)  I think I'll go ahead and snap up a pair of these perforated leather ones. I just can't choose between the colors...


brantingsgatan thirty-two

I found this lovely flat over on fantastic frank. I have a similar set-up in my place with the same colors throughout. I just love black, white, grey & wood tones. However, I have opted to add color in the boy's room. I swear I need to get my place up on the blog. I just keep waiting for things to be perfect but if I keep using that excuse well then, it'll never happen...

credit: images found via fantastic frank 



Today is the first day in a long time that I've had to myself. No husband, no toddler, no distractions. I decided the time was right for a proper fika, however, all by lonesome.

I started with some great beans from Heart, a lovely gift from a dear neighbor. I ground enough beans for about two cups of pure caffeinated bliss. Back in the day we used a typical electric grinder... but we've recently upgraded to a Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton. You really get the best bang for your buck. It gives a consistent grind with none of that harsh, metallic taste. Not to mention it's really cheap!

Next up, I brewed the coffee in my Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. I think every kitchen and office space should have one. They're affordable, american made, and coffee snobs swear by them. It's a quick and easy way to get a cup of delicious coffee or espresso.

For the fikabröd (pastries) I went to my local donut shop. I swear they make some of the nicest donuts and pastries around... I mean all kinds! Lately, I've been getting the faux cronut but there are so many options to choose from...

So, this is how I fika... How about you?


favorite pins of the week


1/ I just think she is so chic! Loving this ensemble so much!
2/ Rosemary sea salt and vinegar beet chips, yes please!
3/ Fear is one of the things that I'm struggling with. I've had to ask myself why is it that I'm afraid to start X project and usually it's because I'm afraid of being judged. Trying to make everything perfect slows my progress and in turn makes me anxious. Lately I've been practicing cognitive reconstruction and it's been doing wonders... I suggest you give it a try.
4/ Honestly, I've never been a fan of white tile and black grout. I usually prefer white on white. However, I like how they've used smaller white tiles combined with black grout on the floors and tub and white on white everywhere else. Me thinks me will incorporate this when it's time for a renovation!
5/ Perfect entrance into the backyard! I love the idea of extending a living space into the backyard. I want whatever room that's off of the backyard to completely open up to combine square footage making one hell of an entertaining space. 

credit: all images found via my pinterest boards 1/2/3/4/5

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